We regret that we haven't had the chance to properly update all the lovely news that our clients have been involved in. We are hoping to change this little section soon. Thank you

janine penfoldJanine Penfold constantly on TV

Janine Penfold seems to make the switch from theatre to screen with little ease. Right now one can catch her  constantly on TV especially fronting up on the Morning Shows for Channel 7, Channel 9 or Channel 10 in advertorial   recordings for RFEA. Janine does have a persuasive manner. Well done Janine!


zhao georgeA lovely run for George Zhao

Another exciting talent who is having a lovely run is George Zhao. Since the beginning of this year George has been constantly working in all areas of the business. Started the year with Opera Australia in the lovely production of Aida and then moved on to land the lead in the TV series “Family Law”. This was shot in Queensland and George loved every minute of it. Publicity for the series has just been launched and we keep our fingers crossed for big things to happen for the series. We shall see. George has also has quite a few recalls on other major productions like “Confessions of a Superman”, the feature “Bruce Lee” and “Marco Polo”.  George also appeared recently in the theatre play of “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S.Lewis and adapted and directed by Hailey McQueen. So watch this space

hatz adamAdam Hatz has been busy again

Adam Hatz has been busy again as he always is. He finished working on a development of “A Counting and Cracking Heads” by playwright S. Shaktidharan, with director Eamon Flack and a team of theatre artists appointed by Playwriting Australia and Belvoir Street Theatre. More information about this topic will be passed on when we get it.

Adam also had a week filming for Beyond Productions playing the lead role of Dr Joseph Roncaioli in a Docu Drama called “Your Number’s Up”. This was directed by John Mavety. We do hope that Adam’s number is not up as yet   and more exciting work from him is on the way.

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