winsor danielle DANIELLE WINSOR

  Danielle has been busy performing theatre-in-education with Brainstorm   productions, touring around schools in Australia. She has  been a committed   member of  the troupe for the last year and has just renewed a contract with the company for 2022. A talented live performer and creative, she has previously toured her raucous sketch comedy show "Clitorosity, Cocktastrophe" to the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, before returning home to perform it at the Erskineville Town Hall in 2019.

Nathan Niguidula 1 NATHAN NIGUIDULA

 Nathan has been very busy working for the ABC as a host on the new show "The   Loot Drop", a weekly video game news and chat show for teens. He is joined by celebrity guests to guide viewers through the biggest announcements, previews, and rumours from across the gaming world. Gamers over 13 with a Twitch account can tune in from Wednesdays at 4pm (ABCLootDrop-Twitch) to watch the live show as it is made, with segments of the show dedicated to reading & responding to the best comments from its Virtual Studio Audience. Well done Nathan!

kerr sandy  SANDY KERR

 Sandy went to Canada pre-Covid. She is working happily - we look forward to her safe return to work in Australia again.

Warren Lee 3   WARREN LEE

Warren has been very busy over the last few months working solidly on the TV miniseries "The Twelve", playing the role of Trevor. Big production between Warner Brothers and Easy Tiger Productions, starring Sam Neill  - promises to be great!

barakat paulPAUL BARAKAT

It is no secret that Paul Barakat's talent within the industry goes way beyond just the art of acting! He has been an editor, writer, producer and a fine director - to name but a few of his skills! At present he has released his feature film "KAIROS" about a young lad with physical disabilities who wants to be a boxer. It has won awards for Best Film at both the Tertio Millinio Film Festival in Rome and the Lebanese Film Festival in Australia, as well as nominations at a variety of others. Well done Paul.

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